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John Stuart Mill and Aristotle's Viewpoints in Their Epistemological Essay - 6

John Stuart Mill and Aristotle's Viewpoints in Their Epistemological and Metaphysical Attitudes - Essay Example The specialist expresses that Mill and Aristotle have various perspectives over what comprises fulfillment throughout everyday life. In his compositions on Utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill maintains utility as a definitive bliss rule. In this sense, an individual ought to endeavor towards amplifying one’s delight and progresses in the direction of limiting torment. Plant, along these lines, holds that delight and the nonappearance of agony are a definitive finishes in a person’s life. Then again, in Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle depicts a definitive finish of life as leaving in righteousness and reason. Aristotle contends that bliss is an emotional idea that varies in each individual. He discredits respect as worried about looking for authenticity among others. In this sense, respect isn't really the authenticity that it speaks to. Aristotle contends that a fulfilled individual must ace the scholarly goodness and the ethical excellence. Additionally, fulfillment request s that an individual has the capacity to utilize one’s resources of thinking in the fitting sense. John Stuart Mill and Aristotle differ over what makes up right information. Aristotle, in the Organon, built up a technique for rationale that contained an arrangement of standards for building up arguments. In this sense, people could use their instinct to create rationale. Such types of contentions start with a center reason that goes before an end. Then again, Mill, an empiricist, accepted that information could just frame out of faculties. Framing rationale relies upon watching an arrangement of related occasions that bear a reason valid. In his System of Logic, Mill made authority between deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning. In deductive reasoning, an end leads towards the advancement of rules that help it. Then again, inductive reasoning includes making a determination from unmistakably expressed premises.

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The Perpetual Battle Against Censorship Essay -- The Fight Against Cen

 There is more than one approach to copy a book, (176) says Ray Bradbury while clarifying the explanation he composed Fahrenheit 451. Bradbury at the time was vexed about dense books, or books which had been improved for simpler perusing. Fortunately, this trend appears to have passed. In any case, he was additionally vexed about individuals who composed soliciting him to change the job from ladies or African-Americans to make them pretty much prevailing in a portion of his works. One of the significant subjects in Fahrenheit 451 was only that; a general public where everybody got what they wished and writing was killed totally so it wouldn't annoy anybody. Tragically, this despite everything keeps on occurring in the United States. Numerous books have been prohibited from school and open libraries on account of language, sexual insinuations, viciousness, religion, substitute ways of life, and in any event, for being hostile to family (Challenges . . .). Despite the fact that the c onsuming of books essentially for killing them is a worthless exertion today, as Bradbury expressed, editing or restricting them is fundamentally something very similar. Be that as it may, should writing be restricted for culpable a couple? Numerous individuals don't think along these lines, and they have U.S. laws to back them up. Not exclusively is the restriction of writing disregarding the U.S. Constitution's first revision, however it likewise denies the American individuals of culture and information. The primary contention against control is, obviously, the main correction to the Constitution of the United States. The main change peruses Congress will make no law regarding on foundation of religion, or forbidding the free exercise thereof; or abbreviating the ability to speak freely, or of the press; or the privilege of the individuals serenely to gather, and to appeal to the administration for a review of gr... ...e American Library Association. n.d. 13 Mar. 2014. Parkinson, Sid. Milton's Areopagitica. Discourse 14 (Fall 1995). 12 Mar. 2014. Remy, Richard C. US Government: Democracy in real life. New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 2012. Stanton McCandlish on the CDA (fwd). 14 Feb. 1996. 21 Feb. 2014. Weisberger, Bernard A. Pursuing Smut in Every Medium. American Heritage Dec. 1997. 12 Feb. 2014. Woolsey, John M. The Monumental Decision of the United States District Court Rendered December 6, 1933, by Hon. John M. Woolsey Lifting the Ban on 'Ulysses.' Ulysses. New York: Random House, 6 Dec. 1943. pp ix-xiv. Â

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The JudgeS Wife By Isabel Allende Essays - Frankenstein, Romanticism

The JudgeS Wife By Isabel Allende Essays - Frankenstein, Romanticism The JudgeS Wife By Isabel Allende In The Judges Wife the creator, Isabel Allende, utilizes an assortment of methods to utilize the restricted space inside her short story. By utilizing solid symbolism, giving a foundation, giving trustworthy human activities, and inspecting equity, M. Allende makes a piece perusers can comprehend to the point of sympathy. Since her short story looks at human conduct in regard to interests, equity, and feeling (love) in a conceivable way one can discover close likenesses between her work and that of Mary Shellys Frankenstein. The creator utilizes symbolism to adorn upon her condition, however additionally her characters. M. Allende presents the thoughts of defilement, blamelessness, and severity basically through very much chose descriptive words that loan persuasively to the depictions of her characters. The rigid appointed authority being dressed officially in dark what's more, his boots consistently shone with honey bees wax (Allende, 422). One can surmise by subtleties for example, those that that specific individual acknowledges custom, and thinking about his desert area, an exacting adherence to it. The creator likewise utilizes pictures of distortion exhibit the defilement of her principle character, Nicholas Vidal; by furnishing him with four (4) areolas and a terrified face the peruser can have a visual portrayal of the characters shocking arrangement. In much a similar way, one can see such turn of events inside Frankensteins creation. The beasts unusual outward appearance reflects his ruined creation. Utilizing such symbolism the writer permits the perusers to shape a strong origination of the predicament of their characters. Mary Shelly utilizes exquisite lovely symbolism similarly to characterize, and give three-dimensional nearness to her characters. Such utilization of symbolism with the end goal of character definition can most unmistakably be found in her depiction of her beast: His appendages were in extent, and I had chosen his highlights as lovely. Delightful, Great GOD! His yellow skin hardly secured the work of muscles and supply routes underneath; his hair was of a brilliant dark also, blossoming; his teeth magnificent whiteness; however these luxuriances as it were framed an increasingly repulsive appear differently in relation to his watery eyes, that appeared to be nearly of a similar shading as the dunwhite attachments in which they were set, his withered composition and waterway dark lips. (Shelly, 56) In review the above section, a significant part of a similar sort of character definition can be seen; fundamentally the same as the way where Allende throws her twisted shape of her animal, Nicholas. Past simply introducing symbolism to upgrade the characters, the Allende too supplies foundation data so as to upgrade the perusers comprehension of how the fundamental character showed up at his present state. The creator centers around the fundamental characters illegitimate and cold origination so as to highlight how his improvement happened. Along these lines Allendes character Nicholas Vidal was considered along these lines as Frankensteins beast. Both are made and at last dismissed by their makers who endeavor to decimate them. These repulsive beasts are constantly undesirable by their makers, along these lines their makers go to extraordinary lengths to endeavor to snuff out the lives of the manifestations all together that they not unleash destruction upon the world. The two creators utilizing this specific technique for dismissal to temper the spirits of their beasts to the hardness of iron (Allende, 423). For each situation this extraordinary type of disposition makes a practically otherworldly being, loaded up with incredible dangerous powers. Further stretching out upon the equal jobs of Nicholas and the Monster, an unmistakable outcasting from society likewise helps in their deadly demeanor. Each character finds himself dismissed by society. The beast, from Frankenstein, is dismissed by the family he helps exclusively because of his odd appearance. Similarly Nicholas is accepted at an opportune time in his life by average people to turn into a criminal because of the telling stamps all over. It likely could be said that however the Judge, in his rigid figure, might not have straightforwardly made Nicholas, yet in actuality he presumably carried out in thing, similar to the rest of society, generalized and in the long run pariah Nicholas dependent on upon the scars all over. For each situation the creator utilizes social orders inclination to classify and dismiss an individual dependent on their outside shells, as opposed to

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Advertising and Promotion - Hnd - Free Essay Example

Task 1a. Explain the structure, roll and relationship between parties in the communication industry. Communication industry is a collection of firms that attempt to inform, persuade and remind consumers about the products and services of various organisations. It is the voice of the company brands to make relationships with customers by having a feedback from them. In a communication process feedback is as much as important as the message. In this process of communication there are different types of organisations and people that accomplish various tasks to complete this cycle. We can simply them by drawing a structure as follows. The client is the organisation who needs to sell the products to target audience through an advertising campaign. They are selecting the agencies for that and discussing the plans with them for a better communication. They finance the whole process of advertising and promotions. And also evaluate and control the campaign. There are two types of agencies which are advertising and promotional. They are providing the information about the current market situation to the client organisations to achieve their targets. Advertising agencies are giving concepts and create attractive advertisements for target customers to each and every product. Promotional organisations are doing various types of promotional activities like sponsoring games and events, street promotion, promotions inside shopping centres etc. And also they are acting as an additional resource to the client organisations by doing all the administration and accountancy for the advertisements and planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the procedures for promotions. There are different types of media organisations which are used to provide information and persuade customers to buy products and services. Nowadays internet, television, radio, magazines and news papers are providing most of the information to customers. When choosing a media for advertising agencies should know the cost, target audience media habits, product and message characteristics for better performance. There are such organisations that are providing extra services to advertising campaigns. Some of them are printing media, promotional gift suppliers, exhibition organisers, coordinators for promotional activities. They are an extra category to support the process and sometimes cover the whole part of the campaign. Target audience is the most important part of the advertising process which can be mass market, special market or niche market. Client should be very careful when selecting the media and the advertising concepts for the products according to the target market. They can get the feedback from them for the improvements and free publicity from them if it is an attractive and worth product for their money. In this whole process the client and agencies are having a direct relationship to accomplish the tasks. But target customers are having an indirect relationship with client through the media. And some promotional activities customers are having an indirect relationship through agencies or special service providers. That is an easiest way of getting feedback immediately by evaluating the customer rates. Task 1b. Identify the current trends in advertising and promotion and evaluate their impact. Nowadays the advertising and promotional market is more competitive than past. There are lot of agencies which provide information to customers for their accomplishment of needs. And also more clients are using advertising as a specific way to introduce and promote their products and services. People are using easy ways to gather information like television, internet, radio etc. And the media is doing a huge task to communicate the people through their advertisements. Most of the clients are doing direct marketing through the internet by direct mailing to all the service users of mail browsers such as yahoo, Google, etc. And also they are using community web sites like My space, Face book, Twitter to promote and advertise their products. Some of the advertisements are coming as pop ups when we are opening another web site or when we are working in another web site. Some clients are using public places to promote the products. Ordinary billboards are used in special ways such as flashing screens and some parts are coming through the boards to front or side. And also they are using public spaces to show their advertisements such as garbage cans, parking meters, elevators, airline snack packages, toilets, bicycle racks etc. In the shopping centres some promotional campaigns are taking place to persuade customers to their products. And also the name boards of shops are using as an advertising tool. The clients are providing the boards free of charge with their name on it and pay for the shop owner to promoting their products. The same thing is doing by using public transport services and private coaches also. Nowadays advertisements are very attractive and using less time. And also they are using musical backgrounds to attract customer concern. And also clients are using music videos to promote their products. In music videos we can see some products are showing by the actors and musicians for the purpose of persuading the customers. And also they are sponsoring reality shows like X factor, got talent etc. Some elide class products are promoting in fashion shows, parties for high class people and some first class shopping malls and hotels because their target market is different than the mass market. From all of these current trends we can recognize the advertising industry is more competitive and target oriented. And also people are having a habit of getting information through the campaigns. Task 1c. Use models to assess the impact of advertising and promotion on customer behaviour. Advertising and promotion is the major key to introduce and remind the products to the customers in a persuading way. The first model is a simple model that shows the exchange between marketing company and the customer. This simple model of exchange gives the main idea in a market place that information and money flows throughout the procedures. Marketing company promotes the products and services and when the customer gets that information he buys the products which lead the company to get revenue. Simultaneously marketing company get the feedback from the customers which is more valuable for future plans. But this model is not having a higher persuading power among the mass market although it gives the information about the products and services. If they used attractive advertising campaigns it would be more profitable and it can change the buyer behaviour. The other effective models are response hierarchy models that describe the three mental stages of a human that need to be passed to buy a product. These stages are, †¢ Cognitive †¢ Effective †¢ Behaviour The first model is called AIDA. It describes the desire that build in the customers to purchase the products and services. In this model advertising and promotion is used to make an attention about the products in customers mind and interest in features. Then a desire is growing in the mind to buy the product. This is an effective way to persuading customers to change their behaviour to buy different products. There is another model in hierarchy called DAGMER. It persuades the customers by giving the awareness of the products and services in a comprehensive way. This is more effective in innovated products that want to be informed entirely to customers. By considering all the models of advertising and promoting the products and services there is a huge impact on customers to choose their day today needs and wants. As there are multiple choices in the market customers can change their buying behaviour by gaining the information from most attractive advertisements and promotion campaigns. And also it changes the mind of the customer to buy not only their needs and wants but also the luxurious products and services to comfort thier life style. Task 2a. Explain and demonstrate how advertising can be designed to differentiate, remind, inform and persuade. Advertising is a form of presenting and promoting the ideas, goods or services to the mass through several media such as television, magazines, news papers, radio, internet etc. It is used by business and non profit organizations to communicate their ideas and information about their products, services and events. Most of the organisations doing their advertising campaigns through agents. But some mega companies such as Coca cola, Unilever have their own advertising departments. The advertising process can be briefly explained as follows; [pic] The objective of the advertising process is to fulfil the task of communicating the message to the target market in an effective way. So that advertising companies are used three different ways to design their advertisements. These are; †¢ Inform †¢ Persuade †¢ Remind The informative advertising is used to give the information about the new products and services to the market. It gives all the features of the products such as price, performance, company details, available places, and so on. And also this design is used to re launch the old products with modern features and services. As an example when a company introduces technical products such as new mobile phones, the advertisement includes all the added features and the operating information. The persuading advertising is used to attract the customers to a certain brand or category of products which has lots of competitors in the market. These advertisements show the benefits of using the products and services to convince the customers to buy their brands. And they are trying to differentiate their products from the other brands by comparing directly or indirectly. Most of the supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Morrisons are also use these types of advertisements to compare their goods and services with others. The reminder advertising is used to remind the customers about well established products and services to maintain the interest and awareness to do their business smoothly without any failures. The world famous brands such as Coca cola, Carlsberg, and Sony spend most of their profits for advertising and promotional techniques to maintain their position in the market. Nowadays advertising is used to differentiate the same products in different brands such as milk, yoghurt, chocolate, cosmetics, shampoo, garments etc. And also retailers entered into databases in web sites such as compare. com, confused. com to compare their products with the others and give the privilege to the customer to choose the right product at right price. Task 2b. Evaluate appropriate uses and applications for advertising in two given situations. Advertising is used in different situations to convey the ideas of clients in different media. In every situation client must use appropriate ideas and concepts and also the media to attract the consumer’s attention for fulfilling the objectives. I. Advertising of changes and novelty When introducing a new product to the market advertising is doing a major role of giving information and attract the consumers to the product as well as adding new features to the existing products. If the products are innovative, inventions or new introduces advertising campaign must be more informative rather than giving confused ideas about the product. The house hold products such as television, car, radio, IT products, luxury products are fully depend on the attractive advertising. When consumer gets the idea of using the new products they try to change their behaviour to enter the innovative features of new products. In that case company should be careful about the price, distribution and awareness of the product that affects consumer’s buying behaviour. When doing advertising campaign it should be clear and to the exact point for products that available in the market. It also should show the importance and benefits of using the new brand. II. Advertising in competitive markets This is important to maintain the market share and the consumers’ awareness and preferences in competitive world. And also it helps for producers to stable in the market. This type of advertising is used where many alternative products and brands are existing for same functional situations such as basic needs of consumers. For gain the market share clients use comparison and criticism in their advertisements. Large supermarkets focus their advertisements for comparing the prices of a shopping basket with the competitors. It is more suitable because people are price sensitive and there are no legal issues for comparison. Other than that competitors use huge promotional campaigns for their declining products through daily news papers, magazines, TV channels as well as their own business premises to maintain and build their market share. Task 2. c Evaluate the role, organisation and functions of agencies in the advertising process. Advertising agency is a service provider to a company that need to sell their products to the market through advertisements or promotions. The agencies are independent from the client and make the plan, create the advertisement, and sometimes do the promotions after doing a market research. There are several types of agencies in advertising field such as; †¢ Full service agencies This provides a full service to the client such as planning, creating, producing, choosing and buying media for the advertisement. And also sometimes implement the promotional techniques and market researches. It’s providing a combination of all the activities that client doesn’t want to go here and there for achieving the target. †¢ In house agencies Some organisations have their own advertising departments to handle all the activities to create and implement the advertisements. It’s called as in house and more suitable for worldwide organisations such as Coca cola, KFC etc. †¢ Creative hot shops These agencies are providing the creative ideas and solutions to produce the advertisements and plans for implementing it in an attractive way. †¢ Media independents These are media experts who plan and buy the media for advertisements. They buy the air time from TV, radio and other sources and sell them to clients for implementing their advertisements. †¢ A le carte These agencies are providing service packages to the clients as they can choose the different services from them. Some includes market research, planning and creating. And some includes the producing the advertisements with them. Advertising agency must complete several functions to accomplish the task of the clients. They have different departments to do the accounting, research, creative planning, and media planning. †¢ Account Management This is the connection between the agency and the client to handle all the decisions regarding the advertising campaign. It’s representing the client’s point of view in the agency and understands the business, marketing needs and build up the strategies to accomplish client’s objective. Creative Team The designing part is being done by creative team. It has the responsibility to generate the ideas, design the concepts and finally make the advertisement as much as attractive to the target market. And also it should be described the client’s need of advertising. For that creative team is consisting of graphic designers, computer programmers, copy writers, audio and film producers and so on. †¢ Researches This is used to assess client’s market situation, customer views and competitors before doing an advertising campaign. And also they assess advertising concepts in early stage of advertising with selected members of the target market to choose the most appropriate concepts. After implementing the advertisements researches are taken place to measure the success of the campaign and identify the barriers. †¢ Media Planners Media department has two major functions which are planning and buying. They should plan the size, cost structure, time schedules and all the major work of the advertisement. And also buy the best media for the campaign that more attractive to the target market and negotiate the best deals with them. Full service agencies are dealing with all the functions of advertising. Rather than using a full service agency clients can use creative hot shops for specialist creative ideas. And also media independents for all the media work and so on. Sometimes it gains benefits for the campaign. Task 3. a b Differentiate between the characteristics and objectives of the various below-the-line promotional techniques  and  recommend the use of individual techniques in two commercial situations. Below the line promotional techniques are short term, non media promotion which is largely persuaded the consumers to change their buying behaviour. It can be more effective when pressurized the marketing team to work in a limited budget for a given objective and also cost efficient to communicate with the target market for various products. It is important to promote fast moving consumer goods as well as the industrial products. The most common below the line techniques are; [pic] †¢ Personal Selling Most of the telecommunication networks use this below the line technique to increase the customer base and the market share. They use different types of sales forces to deal with the customers directly. Some are working inside the premises and making contacts via telephone and e-mails. We can observe their work in last months of a mobile contract period as they trying to keep the existing customers by giving full details about new offers and services and also new models of phones which they can gain free of charge. Some of the sales forces go to the customer and persuade them to buy the products and services. We can see them in big shopping centres, at the bus stops in busy areas, and fun fairs etc. And also pharmaceutical companies use the sales representatives to inform their brands and various medicines to physicians and other pharmacies as a part of personal selling. Some organisations use to maintain a contractual sales force including agents, dealers, and brokers who get the commission for their sale. †¢ Public Relations Business organisations use this technique to persuade and remind the customers about their products and services. They use several methods according to the target market and the opportunity they can act more powerfully. We can observe in worldwide games such as foot ball and cricket, companies are sponsoring for the matches to gain a huge customer base and persuade them to buy their brand by growing a brand image. Most of them are sporty brands such as Coca cola, Nike, Adidas, Gillette, etc. Some organisations use exhibitions to display the items and services with full details to attract customers. Most of the exhibitions based on a subject as wedding, art, antique, and so on. In a wedding exhibition we can see all the industries are coming together such as clothing, floral arrangements, filming and photo albums, party ware, make up and cosmetics, food and serving and all the essential event takers. So it is useful and customers can make choices among all the competitors in a one place and also companies can get more benefits as they can directly contact to the people who interest on their products. †¢ Sales Promotion This is the most common way of promoting the products and services nowadays and customers are attracting to it so much. Most of the products use the method of half price as they want to increase their sales and also they use 3 for 2 method that customer can get 3 goods at the price of 2. All these numerical efforts are using to attract the customers to certain product lines and remain their brand names. All fast moving and competitive goods are using these types of promotions to get the competitive advantage. And also supermarkets use various methods to increase their sales as a whole. As an example we can see the Club cards in Tesco, Nector cards in Sainsbury’s, Bonus cards in Iceland which customers can collect points over their buying and get benefits such as vouchers, gifts, discounts when they reach to a certain level of points. And also they use the seasonal promotions such as Christmas, summer, Halloween, valentine, to attract the customers by giving competitive discounts. Direct Marketing These types of techniques are used in several organisations to market their product to the target customers in a well organised direct way. When launching new high class products such as jaguar, Aston martin, D G, they use direct selling as a conference or fashion show for high class people who can afford those products. And also companies use this technique to sell machinery and ot her equipments to another company by direct appointments and showing the products and usage to a selected range of customers. Advertising and all these below the line techniques are used in different ways in different organisations as we know the competence is so high and new products and services are coming to the market day by day. The organisations which use all the tactics and strategies to fulfil their objectives can survive in the market without fear of the competitors. All the others are losing their market share and customer base because they can’t compete with the newly developed brands that provide more customer satisfaction. Advertising and promotion is all about giving the opportunity to the customer to choose the suitable product or service at a reasonable price at the right time. The industry of communication is the way to achieve the customers in their busy lives to inform, remind and persuade them to lead the buying behaviour as they required. So that most attractive and competitive organisations can make the images of customers’ minds by using all these promotional campaigns. | | | | | | [HSBC sRILANKA] | | | Task 4. a Explain the principles and process of campaign management. Task 4 (b,c,d) Develop a promotional plan for a commercial Organisation. Use appropriate techniques. Also include how your campaign’s effectiveness will be measured. Process of Campaign Management †¢ Assess marketing communication opportunities. In this section we are to visualize the expectations of the target market. This is considered as the most important step of Campaign management. Furthermore we it is essential to identify to whom that we should send our message, whether it is to the current consumers, financial supporters or general public. †¢ Determine your objectives The chosen target market has to be captured by launching promotional campaigns by using short term or long term, deciding the ideal promotional campaign is based on in terms of the behaviors by people who have been integrated in our promotional communication. †¢ Determine your promotional mix The set up of the promotional mix includes as the centre where we have to create an interest among the buyers in order to make our promotional campaign a success. †¢ What communication channels to use Here we have to identify the market, demand for the product and the environment. We could use sport channels, business channels, internet popup, †¢ Develop your promotional message Developing the promotional message includes content, appeal, structure, and the format; this has to be implemented due to the target audience and the demand for the product or the service. †¢ Develop your promotional budget Here we have to set up the budget for the whole campaign, this includes all the aforesaid processes and especially the media planning and the mix of promotion that we have implemented will affect to the promotion budget directly. †¢ Determine campaign effectiveness This has to be documented by initialising the copy platform, situation analysis, and timetables. We can gain information from the reactions of the general public (target customers) whether they are satisfied with our product or service implemented by promotion campaign. CONTENT 1. Company Introduction (HSBC) 2. Company Analysis (SWOT) 3. Product Launching (Smart savings account) . Company Strategy (Pull) 5. Budget for the promotional campaign 6. Promotion Mix 7. Media Planning 8. Time table for the promotional plan 9. Evaluation Measurement HSBC –Sri Lanka HSBC-â€Å"Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking corporation† known as the worlds local bank, was incorporated in 1865 in Hongkong as a small bank with limi ted share holders and with a few customer base in the banking sector. In 19†s the organisation spread their network throughout the world by incorporating the bank in Asia Pacific – (1028 Branches), and Middle East Africa ( 275 Branches)Europe,( 2598 Branches) and America ( 4692 Branches). The HSBC became the one of the largest bank in today’s financial sector during the last decades HSBC started their operation in Colombo srilanka in July 1892 is one of the first banks in srilanka. HSBC has now spread their network everywhere with 24 express banking centres 14 branches. The premier centre is situated in the heart of the city. HSBC is the number one financial organizations in Srilanka who has the highest capital strength among the private banks. The main competitors of the HSBC are the Standard Charted Bank Commercial Bank. In addition to that there are number of local government banks The SWOT Analysis of HSBC Sri Lanka. The Strength: †¢ HSBC (The Brand name) is a multinational organization †¢ Recognized all over the world. †¢ The employees the high quality service they provide is strength for the organization. †¢ Banking facilities such as internet banking, 24 hour customer service, phone banking, and international money transfer service. Weaknesses: †¢ Does not have an island wide presence. †¢ All the branches are situated in the city of Colombo †¢ The native language (Mother language) does not use in any documents in the bank day to day activities. Opportunities: Opportunity to approach the untouched markets which are average income people low income people. †¢ In the existing market all the other banks are offering interest rates under 6% for savings accounts. But the HSBC has the opportunity capture the market by introducing a savings account with a higher interest rate. Threats: †¢ High Competition †¢ The p erception the image on HSBC is not positive among the community. People think it is a risk to invest in a private bank it is expensive. Most of them prefer to save their money in local government banks. The New Product:- Smart Savings. Product launching date: 14th February 2010 The promotional plan is for the newly introduce saving account which is known as Smart Savings. †¢ â€Å"Smart savings account has introduced as a teenage savings account with an attractive interest rate of 8% per annum the initial deposit required Rs 5,000. †¢ The savings account holders will be entitled for all the facilities which is providing by the bank. Promotional Plan for Launch the â€Å"SAMRT SAVINGS ACCOUNT† The Objectives of the promotional Plan. †¢ Differentiate the savings account from what others banks are offering †¢ Remind the â€Å"SMART Savings† when they are in the process of searching savings accounts information. Inform about the new product benefit †¢ Persuade the target group to open the savings account with HSBC. Type of the Campaign †¢ The campaign will run for three months. †¢ Burst Campaign for first two weeks the campaign will run with high frequency parallel with the product launch. †¢ Drip Campaign will run for remain ten weeks with less frequency. The promotional strategy that we are using for this campaign is Pull Strategy. Pull strategy Pull strategy is a part of promotional activity targeting at end consumers. This is persuading the target group by using below promotional mix †¢ Advertising. Sales promotions. †¢ personal selling †¢ Direct marketing Sponsorships. †¢ Public Relations The Budget The setup budget for the whole campaign is Rs 25 million. (? 1=Rs 185. 00) The factors which considered in order to determined the above budget are. †¢ The objectives of the campaign. †¢ The size of the target audience †¢ Based on previous year budget. organization perfor mance †¢ Based on competitors activities. [pic] The Promotional Mix Advertising Advertising is the main part of the promotion mix, and it`s uses various media to deliver the message to the customer. Advertising uses to create awareness. Therefore, they do use many methods of advertising to retain existing customers as well as to get the attention of new customers. HSBC could use different media to communicate their target audience. Such as; ? Television,: ? News Paper ? Bill boards, ? Sports Magazines/Fashion magazines ? Internet. Advertising in face book/ Yahoo /Google Sales promotions. This is short term method which most frequently used techniques in the market, which mainly concern of quantity of sales of a particular product. This mainly target to attract the fresh customer base. Examples: ? Free gifts for every account open during first month ? Bank will deposit Rs 500 as an opening amount if any account opens within first 2 weeks. ? All the account holders will entitled for a raffle draw to win a holiday package to Singapore with the best friend ? All the account holders can apply for a student loan for 10% interest rate. Personal selling Direct mails ? Sales presentations in Colleges ? Sales calls to HSBC existing customers who has teen age kids Public relation Sponsorships Public Relations help to tell good things about the organization to their target audience. Effective PR creates an emotional feeling in customers mind positive image. ? 0. 05% of the profit will contribute to the teenagers in Northern part of Sri Lanka who are affected by the civil war ? Sponsoring for inter school rugby tournaments/Cricket matches/Netball matches Types of Media Media Planning. Frequency Reach are the most important factors to be considered when deciding on media. Electronic Media: Advertising in Television: Advertising in sports channels/ Advertising in music channels Burst Campaign: Run spot advertisements every 15 minutes run detailed advertisement every 15 minutes continuously for two weeks (Between 5PM 8PM every week days) †¢ Run detailed advertisement in every one hour from 10 AM in the morning till 7 PM on weekends ( For two weeks) Drip Campaign †¢ Run Detailed advertisement every two hours between 5Pm to 10 PM week days for rest of 10 weeks â⠂¬ ¢ Run detailed advertisement in every one hour from 10 AM in the morning till 7 PM on weekends ( For the rest of 10 weeks) Radio Advertisement: †¢ Sponsoring for the karaoke singing competition organized by the radio channel Sponsoring for beach parties organized by the Youth radio channel ( Y FM) Electronic Moving Screen: †¢ Display advertisements in moving screens close by the main colleges in the city. Print Media †¢ News papers †¢ Magazines: Fashion magazines Sport Magazines †¢ Bus advertising †¢ Hoardings Bill boards Internet: Advertising in face book / yahoo / Google / hotmail |Time Table For The Promotional Plan Of SMART SAVINGS | | | | | | W 1 |W2 |W 3 |W 4 |W 1 |W 2 |W 3 |W 4 |W 1 |W 2 |W 3 |W 4 | |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |Initial Research |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |à ‚   | |Evaluation of search results |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | | Planning |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |Pre Advertising |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |Product Launch |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |Post Advertising |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | |Evaluation Measurements |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | | Evaluation and measurement of the promotional campaign for the smart saving account The success of our promotional campaign of promoting smart savings accounts for the teenagers, can be measured by achieve the following factors, ? The number of new savings accounts that have been open during the promotional campaign. ? Number of feed backs received regarding the saving accounts. ? Numbers of accounts opening application forms that have been obtain by customers. ? The improvement of the customer based during the promotional period. ? The profit earned by the organisation during the promotional period and it’s contributed for the ultimate profit of the organisation.

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The Diversity Of Managers And Employees - 983 Words

Managers have always encountered obstacles, however, the challenges they have today are quite unique. Management is always evolving and there are many things that need to be considered that are quite new to managers and employees alike. Our world is becoming more culturally diverse and we are entering a technology era that not only has internet, but has social media, web-conferencing and media sharing. These challenges coupled with a fast paced society can make it difficult it for managers to achieve result from their employees. Managers are impacted by organizational culture and diversity in many ways. It s important for managers to be aware of the diversity of their employees, upper management and the customers they serve. I believe it is extremely important to understand the set of values that each worker has and be sensitive to their culture. Each individual has their own personal beliefs, values, and behaviors and if a managers can understand the individual then they are more likely to get the best out of that employee on a consistent basis. One approach that management should take is to increase their cultural intelligence. According to Schermerhorn (2015), the silent language of culture is having the capacities to listen, observe, and learn which are the building blocks of cultural intelligence (p. 112). The silent languages are spoken and written words as well as non-verbal communication which include context, space, and time. This can be different depending onShow MoreRelatedEssay on Walgreens Diversity Issues1644 Words   |  7 PagesWalgreens diversity issues: A weakness that was gained subsequent to the information gathered from research and surveys is that as a company it is true that diversity is practiced but may differ at stores; stores tend to lack a wide range of diversity. One may ask how that is possible. Let me explain stated Wasson, â€Å"We understand that we serve our customer and patient best when our workforce and suppliers reflect our communities† ( which may be beneficial on a financial stanceRead MoreEthical Issues in Management Essay1199 Words   |  5 PagesHall Axia Student Diversity in the workplace refers to the stark contrast of individuals within the same work environment. Many moral and ethical issues are faced by managers every day concerning diversity. Social Issues and ethically responsible management practices relate to workplace diversity in simple but important ways. Ethically it is irresponsible for managers to manage diversity in the workplace by acting insensitively towards employees. There are many ways that managers can avoid ethicalRead MoreThe Manager Conducts Team Building Activities1694 Words   |  7 PagesThe manager conducts team building activities from time to time. One of these activities includes Stereotype Party, meant to reduce or eliminate Stereotypes and related issues such as Labeling. This activity can be done by a small, medium or a large group. In this activity, the participants are given name tags where they are asked to write personality types and after doing that are asked to put them on the back of their colleague s where they will be able to see every ones tag except theirs. NobodyRead MoreDiversity, Diversity And Culture Is The Most Important Strategy That Needs Be Address?1179 Words   |  5 Pagesbusiness the topics of diversity and culture is one the most important strategy that needs be address. Making the decision to outsource for profit gain will not necessarily happen if preparation of cultural change is not in place first. What is values and a norms in a company’s country may be offensive to other social groups of people. For example, in Germany lack of attention to diversity and culture had a serious impacts on Walmart’s position. It build frustrations to both the employees and customers thatRead MoreSample Resume : Office Of Personnel Management1648 Words   |  7 Pages My name is Mapuor Pur, a HR manager at Veteran Affairs Office of Personnel Management (VAOPM), and my role is to create, sustain and develop high-performing workforce by leveraging diversity and empowering VA`s employees to achieve superior results in services, leadership and coaching to our Nation and its Veterans at large. The purpose of VA agency as it mission is to build a diverse workforce with inclusive workplace that delivers the best services to our Nation’s Veterans, their families, andRead MoreThe Diversity Audit Project : Starbucks1406 Words   |  6 Pagesof the diversity audit project is to teach students how to analyze and measure diversity efforts of potential employers and as potential customers. In this globalizing world these skills are more important than ever. Many companies are making changes to diversify their employees and their customer base; this project is focused on investigating one company’s efforts. After this project students can expe ct to have gained a deeper knowledge of how to measure a company’s level of diversity and analyzeRead MoreDiversity Within A Diverse Workplace1320 Words   |  6 PagesDiversity is seen as the difference among people. These factors include gender, race, ethnicity, age,sexual orientation,religion,capabilities/disabilities. A Diverse workplace,in the last 30 years, become an important issue to emerge, and it’s effects this can have on a organisation. More and more research has gone into a diverse workplace and effects it can have on an organisation competitive advantage. Although having diverse workplace, brings about opportunities and threats, diversity is complexRead MoreSodexo and Principle Financial Group Case Study Essay1211 Words   |  5 PagesFinancial Group are among the top 50 to be recognized as being able to manage diversity effectively. It is important for organizations to grow in the global market to keep up with the economy. The growth of the company in creases the importance for all levels of employees to interact with people different from themselves. The companies have adopted various training methods and other programs such as flexible work schedules. The employees of the businesses can benefit from the contributions the companies haveRead MoreDiversity Is The Co Existence Of Employees969 Words   |  4 PagesDiversity in organisations, is the co-existence of employees from various socio-cultural backgrounds, working together to achieve a common goal (Prasad, 2012). Diversity refers to the physical and cultural differences between employees of the organisation. Diversity tends to take two forms: the diversity present in groups, communities, and nations, and the diversity acquired through individual’s personal experiences (Galinsky et al., 2015). Employees from different countries and backgrounds contributeRead MoreManaging Organizational Diversity845 Words   |  3 Pagesalso be creative. According to Kouzes Barry (2002) â€Å"management of diversity has gained popularity in the recent years and despite its distinct contexts, it is gaining more attention as a result of demographic development, mobility of national and global workforce, international and globalised business as well as increased competitiveness†. Diversity is not only beneficial to the employees but also to organizations’ managers. Even though associates are perceived as being interdependent in the

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Phonics Vs. Phonics And Synthetic Phonics Essay - 1597 Words

Phonics are essential to literacy and children’s ability to learn to read and write. Phonics are a system of associating letter symbols with speech sounds (Orton, n.d.). They have an important role in the Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority: phonics and word knowledge [ACARA]. There are two main concepts related to phonics they are analytical phonics and synthetic phonics. Diana Rigg (2016) states that â€Å"direct systematic instruction in phonics during the early years of schooling is an essential foundation for teaching children to read† (para. 3). Phonics are used by children to learn to read and to write, they include letter identification, onset and rime, blends and the relationships between blends and phonemic awareness (Hill, 2012, p.259) (Rigg, 2014). There are many teaching approaches that may be implemented to teach phonics effectively. This essay will discuss, critique and analyse phonics their importance and how different teaching approaches may b e implemented to teach phonics to students effectively. It will maintain that synthetic phonics have been proven to be more successful in teaching children than analytical phonics, although it is imperative to use both a synthetic and analytical approach to teaching children phonics. There are many aspects involved in phonics, phonics can be either analytical or synthetic. According to Anne Bayetto (2013) the National Reading Panel highly recommends phonics along with phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary andShow MoreRelatedEffects Of Reading Instruction On The Literacy Development Of Children And How Socioeconomics Restricts These Impacts5473 Words   |  22 PagesOklahoma Abstract This paper explores related research in aspects of language acquisition, specifically, reading instruction and its effect on students who live in low socioeconomic environments. We will review the methods of explicit phonics and whole language to examine what, if any, is the more advantageous method of reading instruction for students who live in poverty. The purpose of this literature review is to investigate the impacts of specific reading instruction on the literacyRead MoreHistory And History Of Reading Instruction1576 Words   |  7 Pagesrepetitive text to teach students to read. It was also during this time when slavery was abolished but not all African Americans were given the same educational rights as whites. This caused the Supreme Court to rule that separate is equal in the Plessy vs. Ferguson case dealing with segregation between blacks and whites. From 1910 to 1924 reading changed due to the influences of scientific investigations. Alfred Benet created the Intelligence Quotient test, which schools began to use to determine ifRead MoreTraditional and Alternative Teaching5063 Words   |  21 Pagesincorporation, integration, and redefinition stages in implementing transitional OBE. Transformational OBEs guiding vision is that of competent future citizen. According to Rose (2005), the primary school students taught by a method known as synthetic phonics learn to read faster than those taught by other methods. Alternative Teaching Methods According to Feistritzer(2003), Alternative teacher certification programs (ATEP) refers to non-traditional methods that an individual may use to become licensed

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Security Breaches Ransomware in management â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: How was the Attack Carried Out? Answer: Introduction The report will discuss in detail two security breach cases and their impact on people. These two cases are 198 million voter records exposed and Wanncry ransomware cyber attack. The issue This case happened on June 19, 2017 when a huge number of voter data was exposed in different parts of USA like Mexico and state of Georgia. However, what was even more surprising was that this data was publicly accessible exposing the personal information of over 198 million voters of USA. The data was actually owned by a conservative data based firm called as Deep Root Analytics and the company use to save it on a platform called as Amazon S3 (Newman, 2017). As per the expert reports, it was also discovered that data was exposed to any random person who can found it since it is a part of a clever hacking process with complex internet based forces. But it was also the part of simple case of missed case of configuration. Even though it cannot be properly considered as a perfect case of hack but it is a case of one of the biggest risk in cyber security for organizations. How and why it occurred The founders of the Deep Root Analytics found the information that was made accessible to the public like name, address, affiliation with the party and many more. At the same time, criminals coming across such a huge trove of information could have find enormous amount of value with all the information which was already aggregated at one single place specifically when the associated source is an expert in compiling data consisting some kind of value (Minnite, 2017). The organization is working to save the situation and securing the exposed data however it is important to understand here that the situation will gets worse initially before it starts getting better. The research also says that it consist scanning the internet for data which was accessible in public platform and must be secured. It was also discovered that exposed data was lacking any kind of protection against any unwanted access and it can be viewed by anyone who can access the internet. It is also important to understand here that the string would not even be that challenging to face with the help of a random kind of generator and the server also happen to has a huge amount of data protected on the system however it was later misconfigured and this is why more and more private information get exposed (Hall et al, 2017). This incident is now merged with other similar misconfiguration of database cases like dating services or screener system in Hollywood and Microsoft sites cases which came as threats that many database servers are facing in recent time. Possible solution There are some solutions to the problem as well that can help in reducing the number of servers that are misconfigured and exposed the data on internet. The first step is to raise maximum awareness among the people. It is obvious that these incidences have affected millions of people and it is important to encourage organizations to give more time as well as resource in setting the servers and properly maintaining it long run. Another solution is to make default kind of setting in the cloud which will help in making the database more secured and help in tightening the overall control. There are some securities companies have started developing products that can easily scan the current system being established as additional layer of defense and at the same time also warning the staff of IT to look at the traits or be more aware about the information with there are any threats on security (Aker et al, 2017). However, it is also important to note here that moving to cloud infrastructure can be a smart move but it is at the end of the day is another layer of risk being added to the system and each time, the user add any kind of component that needs to be verified, a specific percentage of the population is not going to further evaluate it (Udani Kimball, 2017). Further in statistics manner it is being added to the exposure but it doesnt mean that organization can be completely secured in the right manner with the data being saved in cloud however, the experts also says that any kind of attempt to provide a warning about the current danger of exposure in the system on the public internet will face little interest. The company has taken full accountability for the loss and the company is making all necessary investigations to evaluate the information that has been gathered over a period of time and secured. It is important to understand here that any specific party with any specific company, it can be treated as an epidemic that is present everywhere (Hershey, 2017). Ransomware cyber attack on the web Problem In May of 2017, a new issue or rather a serious strain of ransonware has been exposed all across the world and further caused a lot of crisis in organizations like National Health Services, hospitals and other facilities in different parts of the world like UK and Spain and many more. The affected parties were large telecom organization like Telefonica which is a natural gas organization or the electrical company namely Iberdrola. It is important to understand how people always speak about the issue called the Big One (Ehrenfeld, 2017). This ransonware was called as Wannacry and in other word it was called as WanaCryptor. This is actually a new version of pervious ransomware attack with thousands of attacks in more than seventy four countries. The reach of the attack in much heavier and the country like Spain, UK, Russia, Taiwan, France and dozens of more countries were covered under it. Affected people and how This attack was taken as massive all across the world and in addition had handicapped so many infrastructure and government in more than one hundred and fifty countries which also happen to include large part of Britain hospital structures and railways of Germany. It is actually expected as one of the largest online based extortion attack ever recorded (Mohurle Patil, 2017). The attack started with a ransomware infecting the chain of computer as well as locking the users away from the system and then later holding the level of description along with other release of ransom until the current victim has to pay an amount or ransom. This usually happened in the case of bitcoin. The case of NHS further experienced all kind of hobbled databases in computers as well as phone systems along with system failure and along with a lot of confusion after the computers in hospitals initiates expressing a message of ransom demanding more than $300 worth of bitcoins. As an outcome of this infection, many health care organizations, hospitals, offices and places in Northern England had to cancel many services and had to start working on some backup processes (Mattei, 2017). The news was spread saying that patients must completely avoid coming to hospitals if the situation is not very serious. However, the situation doesnt seem to have come out as any kind of unauthorized access to the details of patients. The National Health Services in UK is investigating the matter and also trying to minimize the impact of the attack and as per the news of UK, there are number of outlets that have reported to instruct the hospital personnel to do things that can completely shut down the computers and it comes with large IT network based services. There are many other victims as well like Spain that are also taking same kind of measure to save the data and the organizations are telling employees to completely shut down the infected systems while they wait for the right set of directions about the challenge (Morehouse et al, 2017). Hospitals are actually the worst victim of this ransomware since they an urgency to store all the services for the sake of patients. This is why, these institution were more prone to pay to criminals in order to reinstate the system. They also usually make for an easy target for any kind of attacks. Healthcare and other similar sectors later tend to make the process slow to deal with number of vulnerabilities (Martin et al, 2017). Recommendation Following are detail discussion of recommendations: - It is important to immediately make some secure backups for the same which means when the files are properly encrypted the options are restricted. It is important to recover from the backup the data as soon as possible. Patching the system and properly updating is crucial step. Those people who include called as highly dangerous hole for security in Microsoft Windows users didnt apply Microsoft March with software fix and malware specifically designed to spread rapidly with proper government and business network (Martin et al, 2017). Usage of antivirus software: with the usage of antivirus software saves most fundamental and well known virus by properly scanning the system against all known fingerprints. There were number of criminals as well with low end advantages of less kind of savvy users with different viruses and malware is continuously transforming and antivirus is constantly detecting it (Martin et al, 2017). Education of the workforce: it is a basic level of protocol like focusing on the workers that should not click on any kind of doubtful links or suspicious sites that can save the bad cases. Conclusion The attack by WannaCry didnt just go after the NHS. The attack affected many organizations across different sectors and industries. The main aim is on supporting the company to manage the situation in a more swift and decisive manner (Martin et al, 2017). In certain ways, it makes things more worse and the system not just about coming out from the hospitals but it was about coming out from whatever situation it can. The situation is expected to get worse in future Reference Aker, J. C., Collier, P., Vicente, P. C. (2017). Is information power? Using mobile phones and free newspapers during an election in Mozambique.Review of Economics and Statistics. Ehrenfeld, J. M. (2017). WannaCry, Cybersecurity and Health Information Technology: A Time to Act.Journal of Medical Systems,41(7), 104. Hall, E. M., Acevedo, J., Lpez, F. G., Corts, S., Ferreccio, C., Smith, A. H., Steinmaus, C. M. (2017). Hypertension among adults exposed to drinking water arsenic in Northern Chile.Environmental research,153, 99-105. Hershey, M. R. (2017).Party politics in America. Taylor Francis. Martin, G., Martin, P., Hankin, C., Darzi, A., Kinross, J. (2017). Cybersecurity and healthcare: how safe are we?.Bmj,358, j3179. Mattei, T. A. (2017). Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security of Health Care Information: Lessons from the Recent WannaCry Cyberattack.World Neurosurgery,104, 972-974. Minnite, L. C. (2017).The Myth of Voter Fraud. Cornell University Press. Mohurle, S., Patil, M. (2017). A brief study of Wannacry Threat: Ransomware Attack 2017.International Journal,8(5). Morehouse, M. A., Loveck, T., Read, H., Woodman, M. (2017). Quantify? or, Wanna Cry? Integrating Methods Training in the IR Classroom.International Studies Perspectives,18(2), 225-245. Newman, L, H (2017). THE SCARILY COMMON SCREW-UP THAT EXPOSED 198 MILLION VOTER RECORDS Udani, A., Kimball, D. C. (2017). Immigrant Resentment and Voter Fraud Beliefs in the US Electorate.American Politics Research, 1532673X17722988.